The Project

The Linguistic Atlas of Judeo-Spanishes forms part of The Grammars of Judeo-Spanish research project. Led by Dr Alice Corr at the University of Birmingham, The Grammars of Judeo-Spanish is a documentation project which seeks to identify and map out the grammatical landscape of Judeo-Spanish varieties as they are spoken and written today. Whilst there are many reasons why such work is valuable, this project is particularly concerned with the following benefits:

  • Fostering language survivance: Because most Judeo-Spanish research focuses on other aspects of the linguistic system we simply do not know what the overall grammatical landscape of Judeo-Spanish looks like. Without a detailed or accurate knowledge of what Judeo-Spanish's sentence-level grammar is, the language cannot be taught or passed on to new learners or future generations. Providing a description of grammatical description can support community efforts to create and disseminate learning resources and other language survivance activities important to those for whom Judeo-Spanish is a component of their cultural and ancestral heritage and/or way of life.
  • Language policy for historic and minoritized languages: Providing linguistically accurate data for Judeo-Spanish will promote evidence-based policymaking, by providing the necessary data with which to determine its linguistic classification and (re-)evaluate its official/recognised status in line with national and international language policies.

The virtual linguistic atlas brings together a range of stories and personal narratives from members of Judeo-Spanish speaking diaspora. It collates existing recordings of Judeo-Spanish speakers with new, crowdsourced recordings and texts, providing an interactive, contemporary snapshot, and a major new dataset, of how current generations of Judeo-Spanish speak and write in this important historical language. Collecting and sharing stories via the Linguistic atlas is part of the wider project’s aims to document the grammatical landscape of Judeo-Spanish, and to record, share and celebrate the cultural heritage and diversity of the Judeo-Spanish speaking diaspora.

Hosted by the University of Birmingham, Grammars of Judeo-Spanish is generously funded by a British Academy and Leverhulme Trust grant.

Project Team

Principal Investigator: Dr Alice Corr, University of Birmingham

Research Assistant: Dr Carlos Yebra López, University of Birmingham and New York University

Undergraduate research assistant: Mikey Barnes, University of Birmingham

Contact Us

We are particularly interested in hearing from native speakers and heritage speakers of Judeo-Spanish, as well as those who have learned Judeo-Spanish later in life. We also welcome other stakeholders, activists, researchers and educators who are already working on Judeo-Spanish.

If you're interested in getting involved in this project, please register your interest here, or contact the Principal Investigator (Dr. Alice Corr) at

For all other enquiries, please contact the Principal Investigator (Dr. Alice Corr) at the above email address.

You can also follow updates from the project on Twitter @linguafrancabhm.

Postal address: Ashley Building, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, B15 2TT, UK.

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